for Abi´s comments about the songs, check out the “King Of Heart”-soundfiles !


1. Seven Friends ( Revised )
2. Remember Me
3. Movin´ Out
4. Don´t Wait For Love
5. The Wedding
6. Only The Beginning...
7. That´s Why I Learned Guitar
8. Captain Locrian´s Revenge
9. Southern Steel
10. Into The Light
11. Clara´s Lullaby
12. I Thank You

The all new artist reissue contains all songs of the original release plus these four, never before released songs:

13. Pacific Coast Highway
14. Pray
15. Dreadrock Island
16.Tennessee Motel

all songs 1997/2009 alnico records, Abi von Reininghaus,
all rights reserved

All songs composed, arranged and produced by Abi von Reininghaus


Abi von Reininghaus- All guitars / harmonica
Rami Ali- Drums on 1,3,4,7,8,9
Henner Malecha- Bass on 1,3,4,7,8,9
Christian Lohr- Keyboards on 1,3,4,7,8,9
Markus Reichmann- Keyboards & programming on 2,5,6,10
Uli Eisner- Additional hammond on 10
Brigitta Balaz- “Dolly” voice on 7
Thomas Klein- Cello on 11

Michael Herdlein

Additional Photos
Michael Herdlein
Hapé Ernst
Bernie Brautferger

Grafic Concept
Abi von Reininghaus
Hapé Ernst

Art Direction and Design
2 publish- Hapé Ernst

Recorded at:
Sky Studios, Taufkirchen
Schall & Rauch Studios, Munich
Weber Studios, Munich
Trixx Studios, Berlin

Engineered by:
Bobby Altvater
Uli Eisner
Peter Weber

Mixed by
Spike Streefkerk
Pilot Studios, Munich

Mastered by
Manfred Melchior
M-M Sound, Steinhagen