King Of Heart - Soundfiles

These are all new versions of the “King Of Heart”- Soundfiles.
Click the title of each song to hear a short MP3-sample..
( These and other soundfiles can also be found at the “Sounds”-section )

1. Seven Friends ( Revised )
This song has gone through many changes since it first appeared on the CD accompanying my “In Vivo Guitar” book

2. Remember Me
I keep hoping that the ones we have lost will still remember us... wherever they may be

3. Movin´ Out
I packed all my guitars and a little harp into this one and sent them down the road

4. Don´t Wait For Love
I grew up listening to Gary Brooker, Gregg Rolie and Jon Lord.
So when Chris fired up his Hammond, I knew I had gone full circle

5. The Wedding
I have tried to cover both, the dignified church ceremony as well as the joyful family celebration

6. Only The Beginning
... a two and a half minute tour through Jurassic Park hosted by Jeff Beck

7. That´s Why I Learned Guitar
you may call me weird but don´t call me wrong !

8. Captain Locrian´s Revenge hommage to the immortal challenger of Jazz

9. Southern Steel
“don´t use a steel slide” and “don´t use regular tuning” says Ry. Ain´t rules there for breakin´?

10. Into The Light
from melancholy to euphoria - cinema for the soul

11. Clara´s Lullaby
I played this one to my daughter so many times until I realized that all it needed to be a song was a cello

12. I Thank You
... for my wife